Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Women's Lives For Sale?

Urgent: Women's Health for Sale

Dear Jerin,

Take women's health off the bargaining table!

I am alarmed and I need your help to stop the flood of anti-abortion amendments being added to health care reform bills. Some of those amendments would not only prevent improvements in women's health care -- they could take away the abortion coverage that many women already have from their private insurance plans.

I need activism and the most generous gift you can afford to block these attacks on women's health care. We must move quickly to contact every member of Congress during this late summer recess to make it clear that women's lives are not for sale. What can you do?

First: your senators and representative are at home and accessible. Call their district offices today and remind them that women's reproductive health is not a bargaining chip to be traded at the whim of some insurance company or drug manufacturer. If they are holding town meetings, go and speak up for women.

Second: please send your contribution today to help us mobilize NOW's network of grassroots activists. We need to move quickly, so the health care reform that we've all longed for and worked for doesn't turn out to be a disaster for women's reproductive rights.

When even people we helped elect to office cannot be counted on to stand up and fight for basic reproductive health care, it's time to begin holding some feet to the fire.

Congress goes back in session in September, and health care legislation could quickly gel into its final form. While members are at home for their August recess we have an ideal opportunity to make it clear to each of them that women's lives must be taken off the bargaining table.

Please contact your representatives and let me hear from you today.

In sisterhood,

Terry O'Neill
President, National Organization for Women

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