Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 00:09:20: @HappyFeminist My feminist sisters include you, my famous Twitter mentor. Without you, I would never start Tweeting
  • 00:13:25: @ShelbyKnox Let's not forget the he (werewolf) loves me that is why he sexually assaulted me. Ewww!
  • 00:17:18: @sassbutt I was totally wrong and you were totally right to trust your instinct for "douchy voice." Go with your instincts, always.
  • 00:20:39: @HappyFeminist thank you for telling me. You rock! We should have our own song....Hmm...thinking of lyrics
  • 00:21:22: @sassbutt I wish I were there to kick his behind & then ask ;) GRRRRR! Although I am so sorry this happened, so proud of YOU
  • 00:22:00: @sassbutt I love your strength, beauty, resilience... I love my feminist sisters & their courage to get through scary stuff
  • 00:24:33: @sassbutt I just have to say again, although something unexpected & wrong happened, you did EVERYTHING smart & right. I am SO proud & glad
  • 00:27:19: so sick of nice-looking guys turning out to be psychos. For some men, good looks are directly proportional to their creepiness
  • 01:00:14: RT @HappyFeminist Score my TypeTee slogan:
  • 03:19:00: From Twitter 08-10-2009: 03:20:35: From Twitter 08-09-2009: 02:33:17: From Twitter 08-08-2009: 13:27:42: @sassbu..
  • 08:39:19: @ShelbyKnox Please remind me to ask you about Amy Sewell tonight
  • 08:40:14: @sassbutt Again, I am so sorry for everything. Can't wait to see you and give you a huge hug. I think you need some Ben Siegel therapy
  • 08:42:22: heading into college to meet with favorite administrator & do perhaps the last training session with great Women's Rights Coalition officers
  • 08:43:15: GOOD NEWS: New Yorkers Get Taste Of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
  • 10:43:53: almost in tears listening to who young BALI Bali Abzug Leadership Institute women from junior & high school consider their heroes.
  • 10:44:37: almost in tears listening to who young BALI Bella Abzug Leadership Institute women from junior & high school consider their heroes.
  • 10:46:14: So grateful for BALI & all the women like Liz Abzug who give back by mentoring young women
  • 17:07:15: Thank the universe for wonderful feminist sisters - some of whom i saw today
  • 17:07:30: Had great meeting with favorite college administrator who we respect more each time we interact. Hooray for people who go the extra mile.
  • 17:07:48: @sassbutt sending you good thoughts and positive vibes on this difficult day. I admire your courage doing the right thing. - In solidarity

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