Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Twitter 08-24-2009

  • 12:06:12: 1st testicular guard "Cup" was used in Hockey in 1874. Helmets made mandatory in 1979. Men took105 yrs to realize protecting brain important
  • 12:06:50: RT @Kim_Gandy: Celebrate women winning the vote on 8/26: VOTE 4 YWCA anti-violence programs 2 get funds www.clicktoempower.com #EqualityDay
  • 12:34:10: is allergic to incompetency. As time goes by, I come across more incompetent people. And we wonder why our economy sucks.
  • 17:16:52: Action Alert: Afghan Women and Girls Need Our Help: If you are having trouble viewing this email, please read it.. http://bit.ly/QOjno

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