Thursday, August 20, 2009

Action Alert: Send a birthday wish to Gloria Steinem

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Gloria Steinem photo by Jenny Warburg

Join Ms. in celebrating Gloria Steinem's 75th birthday.

As Gloria turns 75, Ms. is providing supporters an opportunity to wish her a happy birthday in the magazine. That's right. Ms. will print the names of supporters who want to celebrate with Gloria this extraordinary landmark -- not only of years, but of her amazing achievements for women.

To participate, we are asking you to make a special gift of $75 - or $15 - or $150 - or whatever multiple of $75 you can afford, to not only celebrate Gloria's birthday but to keep her legacy of Ms. strong for future generations. Whatever the size of your contribution, we will make sure your name is printed in Ms. wishing Gloria happy birthday. 

Half her lifetime ago, Gloria launched Ms. magazine - a brazen and rebellious act of independence in the 1970s when the feminist movement was either denigrated or dismissed in the mainstream media - if it was mentioned at all.  Today, Ms. is recognized as one of the top 51 U.S. magazines of all time.

Please take a moment now to reflect on what Gloria and Ms. have meant to you.  Then sign up to wish Gloria a happy birthday.

Your name will be part of the issue hitting the newsstands in the fall - if you give now. And, your extraordinary birthday gift to Gloria will ensure her legacy of Ms. stays strong and vibrant for future generations.

I urge you to act today to make a tax-deductible contribution of $75 - or $15 - or $150 -or  $750 … or even a lifetime membership of $1,000 in honor of Gloria's birthday. 

Help keep Ms. and the women's movement going strong.  Join us in celebrating Gloria - and keep spreading everyday rebellion!

For a strong Ms. future,

Katherine Spillar
Executive Editor


P.S. If you give $75 or more, as our thanks, you can sign up two other friends, family members or colleagues to receive a one-year membership in the Ms. community at no additional cost. 
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