Monday, August 10, 2009

From Twitter 08-09-2009

  • 02:33:17: From Twitter 08-08-2009: 13:27:42: @sassbutt no bad decisions: only fun today. Just walked up from 23rd Street b..
  • 11:41:45: Had a great time walking traffic free from 23 to 68 streets on park avenue for summer streets. Highlight: car free midtown tunnel
  • 12:21:32: @ Hong Kong Dragon boat festival in Flushing Meadow Park. Beautiful kites in flight.
  • 14:32:36: A Note From Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney: Action Alert -- A Note From Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney A Note From..
  • 15:29:19: @kadarlikeradar LOL. I feel your pain.
  • 15:30:12: @skydiver That sounds great. I'll take a longer pair of legs. I'm too short.
  • 15:31:36: RT @sassbuttIcon_lock Jenni was a professional high-fashion model for YEARS & she's in Women's Rights Coalition. New meaning to fierce!
  • 15:33:33: RT @sassbuttIcon_lock US & Swaziland are the only nations that don't ensure paid maternity leave. Way to go AMERICA!
  • 15:35:13: Action Alert: RT @PPNYC Call Atty General RE: Federal Marshal protection for Dr. Carhart 202-353-1555 How can this happen?
  • 16:33:17: Dr. Carhart, Under Threat from "Domestic Terrorist Network," Abandoned by Federal Marshals |
  • 16:33:20: Action Alert: Call Atty General RE: Federal Marshal protection for Dr. Carhart 202-353-1555: From RH Reality Che..
  • 18:13:07: @sassbutt Yea! I also left a message
  • 23:51:08: Had to walk away from sleazy man glaring @ friend @ busstop after dirty looks @ him failed.Why must women modify lives 4 bad men's behavior?

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