Thursday, August 6, 2009

From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 00:08:38: MTA Metropolitan Transportation Annoyance. Something else begins with A. Use your imagination.
  • 00:09:17: RT @ShelbyKnox RT @womensradio Did you know? Bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, laser printers--all invented by women.
  • 01:53:03: Group Counseling Announcement: Support group for Adult Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: If you or any..
  • 05:04:36: is still up at 5am. A Feminist's work is never done
  • 14:33:13: @ShelbyKnox Yes! Can't wait! I'll bring other feminist friends along.
  • 14:33:52: RT @ShelbyKnox PLEASE RT (and come join!!) NYC Feminist Tweet-Up, 8/11, 6pm:
  • 14:35:21: @HappyFeminist You are too kind. I love you. You have been an amazing inspiration in my life as well. Strong women inspire each other.
  • 14:36:03: @HappyFeminist Should we break into a "you're the wind beneath my wings song?" ;)
  • 14:45:08: @ShelbyKnox #FemaleMentors Mom, Grandma, Sisters, Pat, Kate, Eunice Lewis-Broome, Catherine Saxton, Michelle P
  • 14:46:33: RT @MassNOW D.C. to offer STI testing 2 incoming HS students: 13% of incoming freshmen were found to have an STI.
  • 14:48:20: RT @feministing Who's the boss? : In a recent MSN article - How to De-Fang a Toxic Boss -
  • 14:54:48: RT @ShelbyKnox RT @desifeminista "Intimate partner violence costs the US 12.6 BILLION a year.." @jaclynf
  • 15:00:37: RT @theWORD_HC BREAKING NEWS: Iran holding New American Media Journalist, his girlfriend and a friend!
  • 15:01:37: @ShelbyKnox Yes, Speaking out against sexism def. works. Do you remember when NOW-NYC got New Yorker to pull human trafficking related ads?
  • 15:03:18: @deep SO FUNNY! We were LOL. The best part: therapy dog Malcolm stayed in my lap the entire time & American Bitch Mag re lesbians w/ dogs
  • 15:06:34: RT @PPNYC We always knew protecting reproductive rights was sexy. Now we know Time Out NY thinks so too!
  • 15:38:04: @ShelbyKnox @desifeminista CA Cuts 100 percent Funding for Domestic Abuse Programs; Bad Economy Means More Abuse
  • 15:59:54: RT @RAINN01 When hollered at, HollaBack! Street harassment cannot become a normalized, daily occurrence.
  • 17:31:44: Imagine what the world would be like if careers like social workers, teachers & activists were paid well, instead of battering athletes
  • 18:03:48: @NARAL 1 of my fav ;) moments during Sotomayer hearings. Oper Rescue's Terry says, "N-O-W. That's people." citing reason for counter-protest
  • 18:27:18: @HappyFeminist My fav moment during Sotomayer hearings. Oper Rescue's Terry says, "N-O-W. That's people." citing reason for counter-protest
  • 18:54:26: Action Alert: Sotomayor for Justice: We Need You Now, Be Part of History: Sotomayor for Justice Email Tomorrow, ..

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