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GOOD News: Members Compel Fast-Food Giant to End Discrimination

August 10 - August 16

Victory: Members Compel Fast-Food Giant to End Discrimination

Hey Changemakers,

Another week, another victory for activists.

Early this week,'s Gay Rights blog revealed that Canadian fast-food giant Tim Hortons was sponsoring an event this weekend through one of its stores in Rhode Island supporting the anti-gay organization National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

NOM is the group that has called gays and lesbians a threat to children, openly promotes discrimination, and is leading the charge to take away the rights of gays and lesbians to marry in Maine.

So what happened when the news broke of a beloved Canadian brand sponsoring an anti-gay event in the United States? members took action.

In less than a day, nearly 2,000 people from the U.S. and Canada sent emails to executives at Tim Hortons through an online petition on, reminding the company that it isn't in their best interest to let their name be used as a sponsor for discrimination.

Seventeen hours after the petition launched, Tim Hortons responded: the company's Director of Public Affairs contacted us to say it had decided to pull its name from the list of sponsors for the anti-gay event, and not provide any financial or in-kind donations to groups looking to take away the civil rights of gays and lesbians.

Kudos to Tim Hortons for the swift reversal in favor of equality, and to the two organizations that initially brought the news to our attention, the Providence Daily Dose and Truth Wins Out. This was a collective effort, and once again shows the power of people with nothing more than an internet connection and healthy dose of passion to make real change.

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