Monday, August 24, 2009

From Twitter 08-23-2009

  • 03:09:18: RT @sassbutt Researching possible future neighborhood Astoria, very Middle Eastern; Wikipedia says 1 area is called "Little Terrorists".Wtf?
  • 03:10:16: @ClinicEscort awww puppies
  • 03:12:17: @sassbutt Next time: call me. I love dancing
  • 03:13:12: @astridasteroid It's a power thing. I know it's really hard, but say something. Holla back to their silent threats
  • 03:15:31: @CTrouper It's not #religion; it's culture. Both #Bangladesh and Pakistan, also #Muslim, have had female heads of govt, something US hasn't
  • 03:17:10: @dgeong I love your profile image. #FMF #FeministMajorityFoundation #CampusOrganizers rock
  • 03:18:38: @kadarlikeradar Sending you love and serenity. love from me; serenity from ppl who have it ;)
  • 03:20:35: Where to begin? #Pay since all connected to #MONEY. RT @TheUndomestic August 26 #Women'sEqualityDay. What would YOU like to see #equal?
  • 03:53:07: @SteveinNYC How are they now?
  • 03:57:47: RT @RAINN01 DC: Christina Ricci is coming to town for a RAINN fundraiser on 9/9/09! Get your tickets now!
  • 20:18:10: Overcoming Domestic Abuse; National Marriage Boycott; The Greening of Music: August 17 - August 23    ..
  • 20:18:19: Action Alert: Sat, 8/29: Women's Pro-Health Reform Rally In NYC: Women's Groups to March TogetherIt's time to fi..
  • 20:18:25: Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteer Rape Crisis Advocates Needed: Bellevue HospitalProgram:Rape Crisis ProgramDescr..
  • 20:18:29: Sat, 9/26: Imagine a World without Sexual Violence: Come Celebrate With Project ENVISION: Date: Saturday, Septem..
  • 20:26:28: @sassbutt OMG! That is so scary. I am sorry, honey. Please move to my hood ASAP
  • 20:26:52: @sassbutt I could give you a tour. Let's do it. When? I work late :(
  • 20:27:13: @sassbutt I can related with a family member of my own.
  • 20:27:39: RT @HappyFeminist Read #NYTimes article -- look for @audaciaray !
  • 20:28:02: @TheUndomestic NO! You're the undomestic, remember? ;)
  • 20:30:43: @CTrouper I knew: just wanted to post cuz I noticed in my Bengali paper that the Bangladesh head of govt is #74 most powerful woman in world
  • 21:02:00: @sassbutt I know love. Wanna make it a coalition event? It would be fun. Only problem is that it has to be in the evening if on a weekday

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