Thursday, June 25, 2009

THF: NYS State Senator Eric Adams is my new favorite pen pal

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NYS Senator Adams recently sent me a response to an email of mine. Senator Adams represents state senate district 20, and you should check out his website. There are a lot of shout-outs to awesome NY women. (I cut out unrelated text that made this way long; bold emphasis is mine):

Dear Sabrina,

Thank you for your informative letter. It is my conviction that if you take the time to write me, I should respect your communication by reading it and responding. During these times of great demand it is important that we have knowledgeable citizens provide us with intelligent views on the various issues confronting our state.

I fully support legislation to render all gender-specific language in the NYS Domestic Relations Law gender-neutral, thus affording same-sex couples the identical opportunity, the identical freedom, to contract civil marriages in the same way as opposite-sex couples do currently.

I believe that no legal status, no rights, no benefits, no privileges, and no protections relating to marriage should differ based upon the gender of the parties involved. [THF: hmm...blocking gay marriage = gender based discrimination? I love legal minds!]

The unfairness inherent in depriving same-sex couples of this fundamental justice undermines the stability of family relationships, creates in every sense a second-class citizenry, and weakens our society. I will vote in favor of a gay marriage bill because I believe that gay couples desire exactly the same type of committed relationship as do straight couples, and that relationship, marriage, is a basic human right.

Please continue to reach out to my office. As our office endeavors to go green, I encourage you to continue to send future correspondence to my email address.


Eric Adams

NYS Senator


Therefore NYS Senator Adams = My new favorite pen pal. :-D


Homework!: Click here to find your State Senator and write to them!

Let me know if they write back!

Contact me at if you need a sample letter.


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