Tuesday, June 23, 2009

THF: I read the news today, oh girl

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Posted by: The Happy Feminist

Ladies. Gents. Gender non-conformists. Lend me your ears.

Actually, let me lend you mine. I've been waking up unspeakably (though I will whine and bitch at length) early in the morning the past month to collect press clips for my internship. The list of news clips of interest are sent to everybody in the committee. And I feel special about that, oh yes I do.

Ok, no, I don't, not really. I'd actually feel more special if I were writing about feminism (did you miss me like I missed you?). So I wanted to do the same thing, but with the news you send me.

You know those articles on Feministing that you send to your friends? The absurd bullshit that the New York Times tries to pass as editorials sometimes? Or, you know, really anything that you post on Facebook that some asshat you knew in high school who you forgot you were "friends" with says is hateful towards men? True story. Also, wondering why there isn't birth control that men have to take isn't hateful. De-friended, kthxbye.

Send any interesting links or articles to HappyFeminist@gmail.com and I'll post the best clips once per week.

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