Thursday, March 12, 2009

THF: Names and "What happens in D.C...."

Actually...there's more scandals than I'd like to link to, in reference to the title...let's just leave it alone and pretend that Vegas really has nothing in common with D.C. At least let's try.

Anyway! Hellooooo, again! Guess what's going on soon!? Yes! That's right! Feminist Fest!

I mean, The National Young Women's Leadership Conference! (and Congressional Day of Action).

Ok, yeah. So we Fighters for Equality aren't good at keeping the titles short. Like...the Women's Rights Coalition, the title of which will be up for debate at the next meeting.

Feminist Fest would be fun. The thing's vague. It doesn't explain much. "FemFest" sounds like another Lilith Fair. Nothing wrong with Lilith Fair, but it's nothing to do with the D.C. Conference. It's inclusive of women from all over the country, particularly younger women, in leadership roles, it's a conference, and there'll be "Congressional Action" on the last day.

It's just a lot for one title.

Likewise, "Women's Rights Coalition." It's a coalition, no doubt. The V-Day people work separately, though the way we push it you'd think it was our project. The Women's Studies Department does a lot of work. There's always a ton of co-sponsoring going on. But, it IS a long name. It doesn't roll easily off the tongue.

So, what say you?

Also, if you can get to D.C. by the 21st and pony up the $20 registration fee, GO AND MEET US THERE! I'll be Tweeting throughout the conference!

Oh, yeah, that's right! The Happy Feminist has a Twitter I'll use to "blog" during the conference and also for shits and giggles.

And, because I'm a poli.sci. nerd on occasion, here's the pics for today:

Hilda Solis and Lilly Ledbetter don't you want to go?

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