Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THF: Gloria is Truly Outrageous

Buzz cut your hair.
Give a huge tip to someone that makes you coffee.
Join a union.
Come out at work.

Learn everything you can about a foreign conflict.

Tell the person you're making out with exactly how you like it.

Tell an old woman how beautiful she is.

Stop buying magazines that make you feel like shit about your body.

Write a letter telling that magazine why you're not buying it anymore.

Go see an independent film made by a woman.


Meet with your child’s school principal
Host a House Party/Fundraiser in honor of Gloria Steinem’s 75th Birthday
Join or start a discussion or book group


Write or comment on a blog entry


No, I don't have the balls to do #1, but definitely want to do all of the others. What's this, you ask? Well, they're OUTRAGEOUS acts, aren't they? (truly, truly, truly outrageous?)

Gloria Steinem talks about Outrageous Acts, "a Ms. Foundation for Women social networking, social change campaign that invites each of us to engage in, celebrate, and support acts in the cause of simple justice on behalf of women, families and communities."

If you, like Jerin, are obsessed with this woman, she made a little video for the campaign here.

And we are sooooo having a Gloria Steinem party, are you kidding?

Via Feministing
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