Friday, March 6, 2009

The Happy Feminist

Dear ladies, gents, and gender non-conformists,

I have a manifesto, of sorts. I have a new plan to get people talking about equality.

We feminists spend so much damn time wondering about the horrors in the world (and, Dear God, there are many). With good reason.

When was the last time you had a I know what you're thinking. "Is she kidding!?" But, no, I'm not! We have a damn many reasons to celebrate:

-Like kick-ass Indian women!
Sarah Haskins!
Bust Magazine is alive and well!
-Rachel Maddow is out and successful!

Bluestockings still up and hosting events!

Now, for every one of those women in the Gulabi Gang there are innumerable women in this world who have been raped and/or are living in a physically/mentally abusive environment.
For every Sarah Haskins clip, there are countless episodes of shows that continue to push the idea that "omg, dudes totes only want teh sex and gurls want teh shoes, lolz."
For every Bust, Bitch, and Spread (yes, Spread) there's Cosmo, telling girls the same (boring) sex tips over and over, without putting positive body image into practice.
The LGBT community has a ways to go for rights. The school experience of trans teenagers is...frightening.

And while Bluestockings is holding its own in a part of town that is thankfully Borders and B&N free, The Oscar Wilde Bookshop (y'all heard of the Stonewall riots?) is shutting down. (I've blogged a bit about bookshops in my personal blog, just search 'bookshops')

BUT! My proposal is this: Let's get all psychoanalytical in this shiz. People want happy (thank you, Mad Men...sigh, recommended show). So let's give 'em happy. TRUE happy; happy that wasn't sold to us, but felt. We need to be going all out if we fought for something and flipping GOT IT.

I propose, quite simply, a Lilly Ledbetter party. Yes, it took a man (albeit, a pretty cool one) to sign it into law. But I'm not letting this go without some serious recognition. YEARS of work deserve a big celebration.

What say you? I'd like to thank Emily and Jerin for letting me post on here, I hope this family grows with time.


PS: I'll always try to include some photos that inspire me.
Here's a badass Gulabi Gang image:

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