Sunday, July 26, 2009

Action Alert: Support the Equal Rights Amendment

Support the ERA NOW!

Dear Feminist,

Help us get the ERA passed for once and for all!

Hard to believe, isn't it? After all the achievements of the women's movement, we're still missing one essential piece: a constitutional amendment guaranteeing basic equality for women.

I was thrilled to be taking office as president of the National Organization for Women on the same day that Representative Carolyn Maloney introduced, once again, a new constitutional equality amendment. One of my first acts as president was to speak at a rally in support of Representative Maloney's bill on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

Join me as we recommit ourselves to the task of putting women in the Constitution.

And with your help, we can get it done.

Is an ERA still necessary? Absolutely!

Until we have equality under the law guaranteed by our constitution, we will continue the frustrating dance of two steps forward and one step back. Congress and state legislatures are free to strip away our hard-won rights with any shift in the political tide.

Why is this different from all the other times that our faithful supporters in Congress have re-introduced the Equal Rights Amendment?

There's a groundswell in favor of equality for women, and we now have the serendipitous combination of a White House and a Congress more favorable to women's rights than we've seen in recent years.

Make a pledge of monthly support for this arduous campaign. I know that these are tough times, but even a small monthly gift adds up.

If you are unable to commit to monthly support, your one-time gift in any amount will be deeply appreciated and put to work immediately.

This is our time. Let's seize this exciting moment. I look forward to hearing from you.

For equality,

Terry O'Neill


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Posted by:
Jerin Alam
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force
National Organization for Women (NOW)

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