Wednesday, May 13, 2009

THF: Odd, odd places to find hope

There are times when I want to kill the internet (see map).

FAIL Blog is a place where I go to so often to laugh my butt off. The other day, looking through it for some distractions from my thesis from hell, I stumbled upon this. Now, this was funny for a minute, my reaction being, "LOLWTFOMG??" But the comments under it (I know, the hell am I thinking expecting smart comments on the intertubes) were vile.

Body snarking is so bad and common that Jezebel, a blog for FEMINISTS, is constantly on the lookout for it, but this:

“really,, i’m just dancing in this strip club to take care of my baby!!” never heard that one b4

Oy. Just OY. Yes. I'm sure that you're sofucknighotomg that she just WANTS TO WORK FOR YOU so much. What do you even mean by this? Let's not forget these wise words.

I got to thinking, is there ANY hope on the internet that ISN'T from a news website or a feminist blog? Do we honestly have nothing in common with the mainstream folks?

Nope! It's small, but even your friends who don't call themselves feminists believe in equal pay, and if it were blatant would get upset. So, I thought, some hope has to show up someplace!

I'm going to try to keep a better eye out for it, but just for starters:

Texts from Last Night: (207): using no condom is gross. my vagina has a dress code.

"Fare is Fair" from The L Magazine: I try not to pick up drunks now, unless it's a girl and she looks like she's in trouble. Better I not get paid than she gets in trouble, you know?

I hope you all start to do the same and congratulate those who say such things any way you can. Show them that what they're saying is awesome.

So thank you, 207, and thank you, Joseph. Nicely put. I now don't hate the internet that much.

The Happy/Hopeful Feminist

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