Friday, May 22, 2009

Election procedures meeting minutes

Please find below the meeting minutes from the officer meeting on 5/5/09, one day before the election, to determine the rules for the election.

Hunter Women's Rights Coalition

Officer Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 12:41 PM

I. Budget modification issues
- Jerin had sent an email asking how much money do we have left from the Take Back the Night and Love Your Body Day events
- Emily is not sure how much money she spent on those events, as they occurred a while back
- Emily will give the relevant documents to Renee
- The pizza purchased for $30 in which Emily needs a reimbursement
- Renee handed in budget modification, but Jerin thought a few things needed to be changed.
- A revised budget modification is due by Friday, which will be in time for the next CA meeting on Wednesday the 13th
- Renee says Jerin should submit the budget

II. Election Meeting

- Candidates thus far: Yogita will be running for Secretary, Veronica will be running for Vice President, who was given permission by all 4 more officers, waiving the requirement that candidates attend at least 2 meetings or events. Renee will be running for President.

- Steven moved that as per the HWRC Constitution, that the officers allow ALL people who attend the election meeting to vote, regardless of whether or not they have attended 2 meeting or events. Steven's motion was defeated 3-1, with Jerin, Renee, and Emily voting against, while Steven voted in favor of the motion.

- Renee moved that, in accordance with the HWRC Constitution, that the officers will deal with the question of exempting people who have not attended 2 meetings or events, on a case by case basis. 3 officers will be able to waive the 2 meeting requirements for any active people, allowing those people to vote in the election. This will be done on a person-by-person/case-by-case basis. The motion carried 3-1, with Steven, Renee, and Emily voting in the affirmative, and Jerin voting in the negative. Jerin is on record as stating that she feels that the only people who should vote are those who have attended two meetings or events.

III. Student Activities Award Ceremony- All of us are RSVP'd to attend. If we cannot attend, let Jerin know. It will be on Thursday May 14th at 5 PM

IV. Emily will find out how much she has spent on the Love Your Body Day event

- Jerin will do budget modification with line transfer to the conference

- We will take the leftover money from the Love Your Body Day, Take Back the Night, and the Club Fair events and use it for the NOW Indiana Conference in June

- We will be organizing for the lemonade event

Meeting was adjourned at 1 PM

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