Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reflections on a sign from the National Equality March

To those of you about to march, we salute you.

Picture via Twitter user mickjddc.


Today, in Washington, D.C., an estimated hundred thousand members of the LGBTQ community and their allies marched on our nation's Capitol to make their voices heard.

Their request is basic: full equality.

A tremendous number of pictures have been put up on Twitpic from the protesters themselves, some funny, some evidence of the incredible number of people marching today. The slogans and sign always funny and thoughtful.

Perhaps this one was the most striking. A mixed-race apparently heterosexual couple who came out in support held up a sign that read, "Our marriage was once illegal, too."

The oppression of women, blacks, and the LGBTQ community are often compared. During the primary election, people questioned who would be a more powerful symbol to put in office, a woman, or a black man?

I am done with the Oppression Olympics. No one wins. To pretend that there is no overlap, that there are no LGBTQ individuals of color, to think that any repression, harassment, and violent attacks can be treated in relative terms is not only unwise, it is hurtful.

Women's rights are human rights.
Civil rights are human rights.
Gay rights are human rights.

We believe we are all deserving of equal treatment before the law. Because we are human.

So let us not forget to stand together as we all push for human rights.


The couple from the first picture have become e-famous! Congrats! You can check out Mike's blog here.


  1. That's me and my wife! We were pretty overwhelmed by the reaction to our sign. It's your turn next!

  2. Wee!! Hi!! Oh, man! A commenter posted your picture here, too:

    Sir, you and your fabulous lady are famous. Congrats!

    Thanks for being out there in support!