Monday, February 23, 2009

CUNY-wide sexual-assault policy taskforce Members

Here are the current taskforce members as of February 12, 2009:

1) Jerin Alam, Hunter College student
2) Vanessa Anderson, Institutional Research
3) Eija Ayravainen, Dean of Student Affairs, Hunter
4) William Barry, University Director of Public Safety
5) Kristen Bowes, Associate General Counsel
6) Gilen Chan, Counsel to the President, City Tech
7) Elischia Fludd, John Jay College student
8) Katie Gentile, Director of the Women's Center, John Jay
9) Nicholas Kanellopoulos, Former Vice Chair, Univ. Student Senate
10) Garrie Moore, VC of Student Development
11) Lisa Montgomery, VP of Student Development and Enrollment Management, Hostos
12) Zina Richardson, University Director of Student Affairs
13) Frederick Schaffer, General Counsel and Sr. Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs

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